We, Mr & Mrs.Srinivas, married for 6 yrs took treatment from Dr.Vijaykumar of Caree Fertility. We are blessed with an angel. Staff of Caree Fertility are very good and caring.

Caree Fertility is a blessing to all childless couples.

Mr & Mrs.Srinivas

We were married for 8 yrs, were very depressed for not having children and read about Caree Fertility in Vijayavani Newspaper and was treated by Dr.Sangeetha. We are now proud parents of a boy baby. All thanks to Dr.Sangeetha and Staff of Caree Fertility.

- Mrs. & Mr. Mohammed

Dr.Vijaykumar is very cool, his treatment has given us a God's Gift, which we were waiting for this long time.

- Vinay

The Services rendered by Caree Fertility is highly appreciated and thanks to all, for their services and support. Special Thanks to Dr.Vijay.

All the Very Best, Thanking You,

- Sapna

I, Mrs.Asha, aged 24 yrs and married for 3 years are now happy with our twin boys. All this was possible because of Dr.Sangeetha's treatment and guidance. I and my husband are very grateful to her and Caree Fertility Staff.

- Asha

It has been a satisfying experience. Dr.Vijay kumar is vibrant and honest person. Sisters too have been very helpful. All the Best for Caree Team.

- Madhuri

I, Mrs.Nandini married for 5 yrs took several treatments and found no results. Our Family Doctor referred us to Caree Fertility. Now after the treatments, I am a proud mother of a girl baby. Thanks to Dr.Sangeetha and her Team.

- Mrs. Nandini

We, Mr & Mrs.Umesh took treatment from Dr.Sangeetha and are now a proud parent of boy baby. We came to Caree Fertility on our friends advice and are very happy with the treatment and facilities provided by them.

- Mr & Mrs.Umesh

Thank you so much for all the Support you have given. Every member of Staff is very friendly and kind. I am very happy that I have come to Caree for my treatment. They have given me hope in my life. Once again I want to say Thank You so much.

- Geetha Ganesh

I must thank Caree Fertility, since I had huge Cyst in my left Ovary and it has been removed with good care. The Hospitality is very good. All Doctors, Sisters and others take good care with positive energy which is a very good sign.

- Rachana

I am very happy to say that I am a father of two kids now, with the support of Caree Fertility, this dream came true. I thank each and every person of Caree Fertility for supporting.

- Basavaraj